Catalan pizza

How to make Catalan pizza

First we make sure that the white sausage has no skin, and cut it into slices of medium thickness. Peel and cut into strips the onion.

Then spread a layer of tomato on the base of pizza, making sure that it is well extended. Above we put a layer of mozarella, and we distribute the slices of white sausage and the strips of onion. Sprinkle with oregano to our liking.

Finally, we bake the pizza at 180º about 8 minutes, depending on whether we like undercooked or over cooked.

Ingredients for 2 people

  •         1 pizza base
  •         150 g white sausage
  •         1 onion
  •         tomato sauce
  •         mozarella cheese
  •         oregano


The approximate total processing time is about 20 minutes.

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