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How to Make Home Based Pizza

The ideal flour to make pizza would be called strength, but if it is difficult to find it, we will use normal flour, nothing special for baking or batter.

The yeast has to be fresh (or dry if it is not fresh) is not very difficult to find, go to your trustworthy baker and ask for it.

First in a bowl, mix water, yeast (first crumble) and 2 tablespoons flour, oil, salt to taste and mix. And let it sit for 10 minutes. When the 10 minutes have passed, you will have fermented.

Once the 10 minutes had passed, we began to add the flour gradually, without stopping to move with a spoon.

We will continue this way until the ball that has been forming takes off.

So we know that it is time to start kneading. You will see that arrived here, not all the flour has been spent (it should not), the rest is the one that we are going to use to knead it. In the event that all the flour has been spent, we will need a little more time to knead.

Now we throw some of the flour (not all) left over the countertop, over this we throw the ball of dough that we have done, we do not wash our hands and begin to knead the ball, adding more flour as we need it.

Once kneaded, we make a large ball, put it in a fountain and we put a damp kitchen cloth on top and let it stand for the yeast to make its effect and the dough rise, for 1 hour and 15 minutes.

After letting it rest, it is time to stretch it. To do this we put some flour on the countertop, put the dough on top, we will flush our hands and begin to crush the dough carefully not to break.

Ingredients for 2 people

  •         1 kg of flour
  •         1/2 liter of warm water
  •         30 g fresh baker’s yeast
  •         50 ml of olive oil
  •         salt

Masa by Curro Fuentes.

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