Caprese mini pizzas

If there is a classic and delicious salad in Italian cuisine it is the Caprese salad. A few days ago I published a version of this salad with peach and today I make these mini pizzas Caprese , which are delicious despite its simplicity.

For the dough I used a basic pizza dough usual I always use, but if you do not dare can use a good commercial base or pastry shells . Although there is no color in the result or taste, they are other options that I want to offer.

Ingredients for 2 people

8 wafers mass, 4 cherry tomatoes, 4 pearl tomatoes, 1 ball of mozzarella, 4 tablespoons tomato sauce, fresh basil, sprinkle flour.

How to make mini pizzas Caprese

Heat the oven to maximum temperature only heat down , hearth. On a suitable baking sheet , sprinkle a little flour. We placed above the foundations of our mini pizzas. Prick with a fork bases, to prevent gouging during baking.

On the surface of each extend tomato sauce taste . On it we put the cherry tomatoes and pearl, clean, halved and split the mozzarella into pieces all over the surface.

Bake at level 1 , that is, the lowest position of the oven, until we see that the base is lightly browned. According to your oven temperature range, can be a few minutes, so be careful.

We took out the oven carefully, waited a couple of minutes and sprinkle with a little basil fresh, clean and dry. We serve hot.

Caprese mini pizzas.  Recipe step by step

Preparation time | 30 minutes

Difficulty | Low

The mini pizzas Caprese should be hot, fresh from the oven, like any other pizza. The mini format is very convenient for parties or meet, but also perfect to use usual to serve individual portions in a manner different way.

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