Italian Pizza Party. Recipe

Italian Pizza Party. Recipe - recipes

When a few days ago the mobile app you will presented How to Pizza to be a true master pizzaiolo he was sure he would make it good ideas for baking. Among others, I chose the recipe of Italian pizza Party that caught my attention from the first moment.

This pizza appears between calls Pizza Party that includes some recipes with great presentation and look delicious. In the app it is called Pizza Italian Wow , but I have renamed Italian Pizza Party to have prepared for dinner we did to mark the return of my son summer trip through Italy.

Ingredients for 4 people

Pizza dough, 4 tablespoons tomato sauce home, 10 cherry tomatoes, 1 ball of mozzarella, 2 tablespoons pesto Genovese, salt, olive oil and oregano

Making an Italian pizza party

First, we need a pizza dough to use as a base . We can use one of those that are precooked or make ourselves following the great recipe on video that made my partner Minue . Once we have the dough, roll it out giving a more or less square.

Based extend 4 tablespoons tomato sauce homemade fried, we give out using the back of the spoon. With a grater we throwing chips mozzarella di bufala bell on the tomato to cover completely and then placed in the central zone a strip formed with larger pieces which get nips giving the mozzarella .

Fringe area on the left, the cover with three tablespoons of pesto Genovese , we produce with fresh basil, garlic, Parmesan cheese and pine nuts. If we have plenty of pesto sauce we can use it to make mayopesto sauce or prepare a pasta dish.

Italian Pizza Party. Recipe - recipes

Finally, the strip right forming the red of the Italian flag , the will make the ten cherry tomatoes that we will cut in half and place them with nuggets up.

Sprinkle with salt, put a thread of extra virgin olive oil and bake at 220 degrees for about 10 minutes. To serve, we put a little oregano on the pesto area to highlight its green color will be darkened and basil flower in the central area.

Italian pizza party steps

Preparation time | 30 minutes

Difficulty | Very easy

Like most pizzas it is excellent for casual or to share with friends while enjoying a football game on TV dinner. Party Italian pizza is great for these occasions because the flavors change according to the portions where the cut, unlike those with a unique flavor sector.

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