Four Seasons Pizza 28

How to Make Pizza Four Seasons

Four Seasons Pizza - recipes

We clean the mushrooms well and cut them into sheets. Cut the red pepper into medium strips, and chop the york ham and spinach.

Then we spread a layer of tomato on the pizza base and delimit it in four portions. Above we put mozarella cheese and in each serving of pizza we are putting the four ingredients: mushrooms, red pepper, spinach and ham of york, taking care that they do not mix. We add a little more cheese mozarella and sprinkle with oregano.

Finally, we bake about 8 or 10 minutes the pizza at 180º.

Ingredients for 2 people

  •         1 pizza base
  •         50 g ham york
  •         50 g mushrooms
  •         50 g red pepper
  •         50 g spinach
  •         mozarella cheese
  •         tomato sauce
  •         oregano


The approximate total processing time is about 20 minutes.