Ham pizza with mushrooms and arugula

Last night we had plan “movie-night pizza”, a meeting with friends when we had scheduled movie marathon and pizzas for dinner so did several different pizzas to share among all. The most successful one was the pizza pork with mushrooms and arugula , and here is the recipe in case you want to prepare.

Just in case you have not fallen into it, the rocket is not put into the finished pizza to bake, so this recipe is a pizza with ham champis with a coverage to give fresh arugula . Come to the kitchen and the oven is preheating!

Ingredients for a medium pizza

Refrigerated pizza base, 2 tablespoons ketchup, 1/2 ball buffalo mozzarella bell, 4 beautiful mushrooms, oregano, olive oil, arugula

Making pizza pork with mushrooms and arugula

Since I had to make several pizzas, I used pizza bases in the refrigerated section super , but you know to make a pizza dough is an easy and enjoyable task.

Preheat oven to 220 degrees. Based on pizza, we extend the back of a spoon two tablespoons of tomato sauce, trying not reach the edges.

Add the crumbling it with your hands mozzarella and laminate the champis, distributing them in two circles placed on the edge and in the central area of the pizza.

We completed with cooked ham and add a drizzle of olive oil and a little oregano. We bake until the pizza is ready, for about 15 minutes.

Pizza Lacon Champis Steps

Meanwhile, aliñamos the arugula with olive oil and a few drops of vinegar and drain well. When the pizza is ready, we cut it with cortapizzzas and cover with arugula dressed and brought to the table immediately to not cool.

Preparation time | 25 minutes

Difficulty | Easy peasy

The pizza pork with mushrooms and arugula is great to take family and friends dinners, accompanied by soft drinks, beer or with some chilled rose wine.

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