Crispy pizza oyster mushrooms and ham

At home we love the pizza that is precisely why I do not usually make it much as it otherwise would be total destruction to the diet. We can eat a crispy pizza oyster mushrooms and ham like this in the blink of an eye.

With this I do not throw you back, backwards, I mean that is very good, and if you also like thin and crispy base , make my recipe because you’ll love it . The test that does not change, so I will say no more.

Ingredients for one pizza about 30 cm

For the dough: 300 g of regular wheat flour, 50 g of semolina or semolina, 5 g fresh baker ‘s yeast, 10 g sugar, 5 g of salt, 30 ml of olive oil extra virgin 175ml Water.

For the filling: 100 g of mushrooms clean chard, 100 g of ham, 1 ball of fresh mozzarella, basil, oregano, tomato sauce.

Making pizza crispy oyster mushrooms and ham

To prepare the dough first mix the flour with the semolina, sugar and salt. Add the crumbled yeast and gradually Extra virgin olive oil and water. Do not add all the water at once , if not we will mix all until we see you no longer need, everything will depend on the absorption of the flour.

The dough will be soft and elastic . This is a very simple dough, knead just not necessary, so do not worry about leaving perfect. We form a ball, place it in a lightly greased bowl and let stand covered for an hour or so, or until almost doubled in volume.

We pass lightly floured table and hung out with fine roll in circular shape. If we see shrinks, we wait a few minutes to relax and re-stretch it gently. Heat the oven heat down to maximum temperature only. In my case for this program reaches 275 °.

Now we have two options, either on tray or baking paper or stone, I leave to your choice. Sprinkle the tray, in my case, with a little flour and semolina, place the pizza base on top and cut the excess edge. Prick the dough with a fork to prevent it from.

We took a bit of tomato sauce on the base, some basil and scatter over thin slices of mushroom thistle and ham sliced. We add the mozzarella into pieces and sprinkle with a little oregano. Bake at level 1, that is, bottom, until bottom is lightly browned.

In my oven at this temperature of 275 ° it becomes very fast, in about five minutes or so, so stay tuned to not burn. Remove from the oven, chop and consume immediately.

Preparation time | + Stand 30 minutes

Difficulty | Low

The crispy pizza oyster mushrooms and ham is a classic in our house, and a combination that very few people do not like. Do not be afraid to try different variations of mushrooms now that the season starts and some are at a good price.

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